Kaala Teeka

Schedule:From 07:00 PM to 07:30 PM (Mon-Fri) on Zee TV Last Updated: 11th August, 2017

Kaala Teeka is an Indian serial drama television series, which airs every Mon-Fri at 07:00 pm on Zee TV. The series is produced by DJ's Creative Unit. The show shows a story set against superstitions. 


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Schedule:From 07:00 PM to 07:30 PM (Mon-Fri) on Zee TV Last Updated: 11th August, 2017

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Schedule:From 07:00 PM to 07:30 PM (Mon-Fri) on Zee TV Last Updated: 11th August, 2017
Schedule:From 07:00 PM to 07:30 PM (Mon-Fri) on Zee TV Last Updated: 11th August, 2017
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Schedule:From 07:00 PM to 07:30 PM (Mon-Fri) on Zee TV Last Updated: 11th August, 2017

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Schedule:From 07:00 PM to 07:30 PM (Mon-Fri) on Zee TV Last Updated: 11th August, 2017

Kaala Teeka is the story of Vishwaveer Jha and his quest to keep his only daughter, Gauri safe and protected. Vishwaveer discovers that an abandoned baby girl is able to protect Gauri from a familial curse, and he adopts her, naming her Kaali and making her Gauri's kaala teeka.

After 5 Years

Kaali continues protecting Gauri in every way. Gauri, being Vishwaveer's only child is brought up surrounded with comforts, while Vishwaveer doesn't treat Kaali very well. She is mistreated by Kalyani, who is Vishwaveer's sister in law. Vishwaveer's first wife, Manjiri, who doesn't have children adores Kaali and brings her up as her own daughter.

Kalyani plots to kill Gauri to get revenge from Vishwaveer for an old matter. She kills Kaali first, so that she is unable to protect Gauri. However, Kaali survives, and relates the incident to Manjiri, who decides to make Kalyani pay.

Kaali and Manjiri confront Kalyani in a temple, where Kalyani ends up killing Manjiri by strangling her, and making it look like Kaali did it. When the family finds out, Vishwaveer decides to take the blame on himself and go to jail in Kaali's place, so that Kaali can stay with Gauri and continue to protect her. So, Vishwaveer goes to jail for 14 years.

After 14 Years

Kaali and Gauri grow up. Kaali is very intelligent and a good singer. But all credits are taken by Gauri. Kaali writes exams for her and sings for her. A guy named Yug hears Kaali's voice and is taken aback by that voice. He tries to search for her but is unable to find her. Everyone thinks that it is Gauri who sings and Yug also thinks the same but he is not able to find Gauri. Vishwaveer Jha while searching for a suitable groom for Gauri comes across Yug and resolves to get her married to him. Gauri initially refuses but Kaali convinces her and she eventually falls in love with Yug and agrees for marriage after testing him a couple of times. When Yug's grandmother rejects the proposal considering Vishwa to be a criminal, he brainwashes Neel (Gauri's brother) into trying to rape Sharmila (Yug's sister). Neel attempts to do so, but is held back by his conscience at the last minute. In order to save Sharmila's reputation, Yug's grandmother agrees to get Yug married to Gauri in exchange for Neel marrying Sharmila. Meanwhile, it is revealed that Manjiri is still alive. She lost her memory 14 years ago and saved Yug's life after which his father took her in as his sister. She is now living with Yug. After a while Kaali finds out that Manjiri is still alive and with the help of Yug brings her memory back. Yug-Gauri and Neel-Sharmila are now scheduled to get married. Instead destiny wants to bring Yug and Kaali together who have fallen in love. Yug is actually kali´s childhood ramji. The show goes on with Manjiri and Yug supporting Kali in each and every step to get back love of her Badke papa and prove him superstitions are waste. Gauri's kundli's truth comes out and Kaali is forced to agree to be her kala teeka again and go to Yug's house. She gets anxious and encounters Vishwa and decides to leave. Manjiri and Kali get kidnapped by Kalyani, and Yug saves them. Kalyani is arrested and Manjiri goes back to Vishwa and demands Kali and Yug's alliance. Gauri drinks poison but she is saved and Vishwa realises that it was not Kali being kaala teeka that worked for Gauri but her prayers were the ones which truly worked. He fixes Yug and Kali's alliance to which leela agrees only because of a hidden motto and she doesn't want Kali to be her daughter in law. Therefore, Leela and Gauri team up. Yug marries kali but everyone get tricked as they assume it is Gauri who is getting married to Yug.Yug doesn't trust Kali anymore and goes with Gauri. He starts to hate Kali.

Time passes by and Yug finally finds out the truth behind Gauri and gets married with Kali once again. Gauri then plans to make Kali seem dead by injecting some type of medicine on her but that plan fails when her injection breaks. Instead, she puts the poison in the safety pin and hooks it on Kali's doli. Kali is pricked by the safety pin. While performing rituals and praying in the temple at Yug's house, Kali faints. They call the doctor but the doctor tells everyone that Kali is dead. Just then, Yug realizes that it could have been Gauri and goes to her hotel to drag her there. She fakes and does some drama of crying and says she will bring Kali back to life by burning kapur on her hand. She has already put chemical on her hand to make sure her palm doesn't burn. The poison wears off and Kali regains conscientious, leaving everyone believing Gauri. However Yug does not believe Gauri and sends her out of the house. Gauri vows for revenge. She comes back as a servant and starts to make Leela believe an evil spirit is haunting her. She brings a fake astrologer in and he tells that Yug should be 21 kilometers away from the house. Leela and Yug believe it and he leaves. Later with the help of the astrologer, Gauri makes it look like Kali has the evil spirit inside her and Leela decides to sacrifice Kali. Manjiri comes to Yug's house and discovers that there is a pooja going on and asks for Kali, who is locked in a room. Manjiri gets suspicious and follows the car leading to the ashram. She bring in a real astrologer and the truth behind Gauri gets revealed to everyone. Kali, enraged, slaps Gauri for her deeds and Gauri later reveals to everyone that Leela did not want Kali to be her daughter in law and encouraged Gauri that Yug would be married to her. Yug gets distraught and leaves while Gauri and the fake astrologer get arrested. Gauri vows to destroy his whole family. After three months however, gauri who is released from jail returns and reveals to everyone that she is pregnant by yug. Because of this yug allows her to stay until the child is born. Later it is then revealed that kaali is also pregnant. This matter however, is only known by gauri and vishwa as they bribed the nurse to get her reports before she does. In order to make sure that kaali and yug stay apart gauri plans to have Kali thrown out of the house which is eventually carried out by yug himself, as he does so vishwa then takes kaali to the top of a cliff and reveals her pregnancy to her just as he is about to push her off. Vishwa pushes Kali off of the cliff but Kali hangs onto a branch. Vishwaveer throws rock at her and she falls. Afterwards, Kali's suicide note comes and everyone believes Kali to be dead. Leela asks Yug to marry Gauri and give the child a legitimate name. Yug agrees to marry Gauri. Meanwhile, Kali doesn't die and is saved by a Mentally Challenged Man Nandu. Kali asks Nandu to take her to Choudhary House. Nandu takes her there but returns. There back in his village, some kids tease him as Kali's Husband. He becomes shy but later marries her.And then takes her to the Hospital where he gets to know that Kali is in coma.

After 7 months

Yug is now turned as a puppet for Vishwaveer. Vishwaveer is the new landlord of Choudhary House.Nandu is seen taking care of Kali in the Hospital. The nurses discuss that Kali has lost her child.Gauri and Yug travel to Birpur. On there way Gauri gets labour pain and Yug takes her to the same Hospital where Kali is admitted. Vishwa finds out that Kali is in the hospital. Meanwhile, Gauri delivers a baby girl and names it Naina. Naina gets kidnapped by Vishwa, after being told that baby is threat to his life and Kali finds out about Yug and Gauri and decides to commit suicide on the same river Vishwa places Naina in a basket and floating away. Kali feels the basket and finds a baby and decides to live. She raises the baby. Unknown to Kali is that the baby is Yug and Gauri's baby, who are distraught after their baby went missing, and names it Naina. It is revealed that Vishwa attempted to kill Yug and Gauri's baby because of a superstition that says the baby is a threat to him. Manjiri later finds Kali at a temple and Kali reveals that she was once pregnant with Yug's child and Vishwa threw her off the cliff for the sake of Gauri. Manjiri vows revenge on Vishwa and brings her to Yug's house. Gauri does not like this and tries to kill Naina. However it backfires. Meanwhile, Nandu finds out that Vishwa attempted to kill Kali and vows not to spare him. Fearing that the truth would come out, Vishwa gets rid of all the evidence he could find. He also find out that Kali's daughter is actually Gauri's daughter. Vishwa attempts to kill Kali and the baby but fails because of Nandu. Manjiri later finds out about this and scolds Vishwa and reveals her revenge against him. Kali and Naina disappeared once again and Manjiri threatens to kill Vishwa if he does not reveal where Kali and Naina are. It is later revealed that Kali had planned this to get the truth from Vishwa. Later, while Vishwa and Purohit conduct a Pooja, assuming that Kali is dead. With the help of Nandu and Manjiri, Kali gets the truth out. Yug gets distraught by hearing this and a chandelier falls on Kali. While she is hospitalized Manjiri reveals the truth behind Vishwa and Gauri. Yug later gets Purohit and Vishwa arrested but they escape. Naina gets kidnapped again and Kali and Manjiri finds her. Vishwa finds Kali and Manjiri an threatens to kill Kali and Naina. Before he could, Manjiri grabs a thrishul and stabs Vishwa, killing him. After his funeral, Yug asks Kali for forgiveness but Kali rejects saying that she is not a doll to play with. Nandu offers Kali to stay at his place but Yug threatens to kill Naina if Kali leaves. Kali stays but scolds Yug for being selfish and will only stay for Naina's sake. Leela declares Kali Naina's official mother as Gauri is too dangerous for the amount of sins she committed. At this time, a tantrik named Devri is introduced and reveals to be Nandu's brother. Kali and Manjiri gets suspicious about Devri and asked a priest at an ashram and Purohit, as he has no other option. Manjiri and Kali discover that Vishwa had a Kaala Teeka and that Devri is his Kaala Teeka. They also discovers Devri's intentions to kill Naina to gain evil powers. It is also revealed in Nandu's kundli that Nandu is Naina's Kaala Teeka. Discovering that Devri is a threat, Yug bans Devri from coming into the house while Devri plot to kill Naina is underway. Devri also decides to kill Kali because she is an obstacle that he has to overcome to kill Naina.

Schedule:From 07:00 PM to 07:30 PM (Mon-Fri) on Zee TV Last Updated: 11th August, 2017