Varun Sharma aka CHUCHA aspires to work with 'Salman Khan'!

2018-10-11 04:54:59  Posted under topic: Bollywood

After being known for his comic character 'Chucha' from Fukre, Varun Sharma was immensely praised for his performance. The actor nailed his role with an everlasting love for comic characters as he embarked on a journey with his audience towards pure humor and innocence.

Along with Varun, the film FryDay also stars Govinda which makes the duo an unbeatable bundle of comic flash.

During a media interaction for the promotions of Fryday, Varun was asked about the actors and directors he would like to work with? Varun answered, "So Frankly I want to work with Govinda and I already lived that dream, with the grace of God, and the director that I want to work with is Mr. Nitish Tiwari Sir and I'm working with him right now, and the actor I would like to work with is Mr. Salman Sir."

Varun and Govind's on-screen comic chemistry is slated to hit the big screen on October 12, 2018.

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