Katrina Kaif SLAMMED Ranbir Kapoor in this interview

2017-06-23 23:03:00  Posted under topic: Interviews

Ever since their bitter break-up, Ranbir and Katrina have kept their distance from each other. The ex-lovers have done their best to avoid each other at parties and events. But with the release date of their movie 'Jagga Jassos' nearing, the duo is forced to make appearances together.

The former lovers have been handling their professional relationship very well, however, in a recent interview with VJ Xerxes on MTV Insider 2, the duo was seen getting extremely uncomfortable and the awkwardness and tension between them was palpable.

When VJ Xerxes asked Katrina about her role in the movie, Ranbir barged in while Katrina was talking and an agitated Katrina retorted, "You do realize you are talking about my character when I am sitting right here" to which a pompous Ranbir said, "Yes but you are not saying it properly. I am the producer of the film. I have produced this film, I can talk about it."

Ranbir kept interrupting Katrina while she was talking. Fed up of the constant mansplaining, an angry Katrina said, "He treats me like a kid like I know nothing. He won't let me finish my sentences."

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