"I think the gap between TV and films has now been bridged" - Abhinav Shukla

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Known for his tall frame, baritone voice and macho personality, actor, Abhinav Shukla has made a mark with his TV roles in shows like Jersey No. 10 and Diya Aur Baati Hum among others.

And now, the actor is all set to wow on the big screen, as he plays the lead role alongside Gautam Rode and Zareen Khan in the upcoming film, Aksar 2.

In a candid conversation with the actor, he spills the beans on the character and other things..

Tell us about your character
My character's name is Rikky and I play the romantic lead of the film. And, if you have seen Aksar 1, Emraan's name was Rikky too  so you can draw your conclusions from the same. I will be seen opposite Zareen Khan.

Was Bollywood something you always wanted to do or it was by chance?
It was always my secret passion to be an actor which I never told anyone about. It was only until I went for a contest, Black Drive brand hunt and it was till that time I never told anyone. For me, it was like a stepping stone. So, I got immense recognition and post that, I gave a couple of auditions and landed into my first show; that's how it started.

Are Aksar 1 and 2 linked somehow?
No they are completely different stories. But yes, because the former had quite a number of songs, this one too will have the same. Both the movies has romance as the substance and that's the only thing similar between them as the storylines are completely different.

Is it going to be a wrap for television?
I think the gap between the two has already been bridged. People can work in both but this wasn't the case 10 years ago. There was a time when you wouldn't be picked up for films if you were working in television, but that's not the case anymore as people are open minded.

What do you think are the pros and cons of working in both the mediums?
They say, the good part of the industry is also the bad part. In television, the good part is it teaches you to work under stress but at the same time it does not allow you to explore your creativity and you don't have a lot of time.

About films, the good part is if the story is good, the direction is good and you are good you, then you manage to give a hit project. But, there is always this uncertainty that prevails. So, while that uncertainty can make your film a flop, it can also make it a hit.

Anything next happening for you Television?
Not exactly, there are a few projects I've been approached for, but nothing is final yet. I was supposed to do one show, called Singhasan with BAG Films, but things did not work out and I couldn't do it due to personal reasons.

Has Rubina seen the film?
(laughs) No, even I have seen the trailer just once.

With Rubina playing the role of a kinnar, it took the whole industry by storm. How was your reaction on the same?

Actually when she met the producers for the show, she discussed it with me I was like Oh man, this is it! It is going to be a good show. And I was like, only you can pull it off. You are so feminine and once you started playing it, fans are going to love seeing you.

When she told me the concept, I told her this is going to be a good show you and should do it. She was a little apprehensive but I told her you should definitely do it.

We wish Abhinav all the best for the film! 

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