"Saathiya will always be a part of my life" - Mohammad Nazim gets candid!

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Aham aka Mohammad Nazim of Saath Nibhana Saathiya wrapped up shooting for the show quite a while ago. He became a household name and is only just giving himself a break. And, we got into candid chat with the actor. For a long running show like that, we sure expected him to have a lot to say. From popularity, future plans to life philosophies, he bares it all.

what he had to say-

Q: How has your journey in Saath Nibhana Saathiya been?

A: Saathiya is a part of my life. Seven years is a long time in my career. It reached a point where we started thinking that this show will never go off-air. We have been consistently topping the TRP charts and that could happen because the fans of this show have been very loyal. We have been getting so many mails on the show as the audience never wanted this show to go off-air.

Q: For you as an actor what was the most memorable time in the show?

A: There are so many but, I believe when I took an exit from the show, the viewers went mad and later on I came back as Jaggi. The amount of love and appreciation Jaggi got in one year compared to Aham got in four years is huge. With Jaggi I could also explore the funny side and discovered a new side of me.

Q: Do you find that you've become a better actor by the end of the show?

A: I don't know about me being a better actor because acting is an on-going process. A good actor always observes a lot. Whatever i have achieved in life came with a lot of hard work. After working for so many years i started getting awards only last year. I never ran after awards. I always knew that my dedication and hard work will pay me off.

Q: What will you miss the most now from the set of Saathiya?

A: I guess every single people from the gateman to the spotboys to the entire cast and crew. A big chunk of my life was spent in Saathiya.

Q: What is your future plan now?

A: I want to do a reality show now. I have been consistent with my physical fitness and always wanted to do an adventurous reality show. I have never got the time to explore that side. Now after playing a fictional character for so long I am waiting to do a reality shows like Fear Factor or a dance based show like Jhalak Dikhla Ja. Also my fans will get to see me as Nazim in the show.

Q: What do you do to destress?

A: There is no stress in my life. I am a big follower of superstar Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar. Have you ever heard them talking about stress? It''s all in the mind. But whenever I feel the fatigue, I try to go to my family in my hometown and get myself recharged.

Q: What is your philosophy in life?

A: I have always believed in giving. Whatever I earn I try to give things to people. This year I have arranged the iftaar for whole Ramzan month on the set of Saathiya. I also wish to go for Haj Yatra soon and want to take the elders in my family along.

Q: Do you have real friends from the industry?

A: I believe if I am good the whole world is good. I have few friends in the industry no doubt but my real good friends are all in my hometown. Whenever I am in my hometown all my good friends will come at the airport to receive me.

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