FINALLY: Salman Khan's gives his REVIEW after watching 'Dangal'

2016-12-25 07:55:22  Posted under topic: Movie Reviews

Salman Khan has finally watched Aamir Khan's 'Dangal' and this time he spoke his heart out and appreciated every bit of the film.

Talking to the media after the special screening of the film at Light Box, Mumbai; Salman said: "Bina dekhe I tweeted ab dekh ke (Without watching the film I had tweeted about it previously. Now after watching the film) I'm saying this is one of the better films that I have seen."

"Aamir thinks Lagaan is his best film, I think this film beats Lagaan anytime. His transformation is phenomenal."

He further added: "Both the younger girls, older girls, Aamir, screenplay, the dialogues, the cousin of their's who is giving the narrative. The art, the background, the whole plot, the emotions, the wrestling, I think it's a complete film."

"Story is phenomenal... Geeta Babita.. I think it's gonna be one of the bigger hits of this country."

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