#BB12: Here's The Truth Behind Urvashi Vani & Her Real Partner!

2018-10-03 08:58:45  Posted under topic: Television

We had already brought to you the reality behind Shivashish not being a rich businessman and in fact is a struggling actor who has done a show Sankat Mochan Mahabali Hanuman. While Sourabh Patel isn't a farmer and rather a casting director, Deepak Thakur can't be struggling with english as he is a MBA. Now we bring to you the reality about contestant Urvashi Vani. Urvashi is a strong player and hasn't been mincing her words so far. In fact Urvashi has been seen even arguing with her partner Deepak telling him when he's wrong.

When the duo entered it looked like there was some romance blooming as she was said to be his fan who later turned into a student.  However, while Bigg Boss was hoping for some romance inside the house we hear that Urvashi is already in a relationship! 

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