Sandhya Mridul THANKS the late Reema Lagoo for protecting her like a mother from Alok Nath!

2018-10-11 05:02:15  Posted under topic: Television

In a shocking addition to the cases against Alok Nath, actress Sandhya Mridul also opened up about her time when the senior actor barged into her room in an inebriated state and tried to grab her.

In a lengthy post, Sandhya recollected horrid details of how during the shoot for a telefilm, Alok Nath tried to get into her room and lunged' towards the actress and screamed statements as 'I want you. You are mine.'

Sandhya also mentioned how the actor even came back to her after a few days and apologized for his behavior and blamed it on his alcohol addiction. (Ironically, in a recent conversation with a TV channel with regards to Vinta's case, Alok Nath was quoted as saying 'Don't blame it on alcohol').

However, Sandhya also mentioned and thanked her co-stars, her DoP (Director of Photography) and late actress Reema Lagoo for taking care of her after her (Sandhya) outburst and confrontation.

And now, reports in a leading tabloid state that the FWICE (Federation of Western Cine Employees) has issued a notice to offenders Nana Patekar, Vikas Bahl and Alok Nath and demanded them to respond to allegations within 10 days or face a boycott.

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