#MeTOO: "The NATION stands by you, social media gives you a VOICE," says Vivek Dahiya

2018-10-11 05:03:13  Posted under topic: Television

Actor Vivek Dahiya has always been at the forefront of equality. In many interviews, wife Divyanka has always said that she's blessed to have a husband who truly believes that women are equals and there is not an ounce of insecurity about where they are in their respective careers. Vivek, who has studied in the UK, has an outlook which has become very inspiring for many in our country.

And now with all the news which started with Tanushree Dutta and then Vikas Bahl, Alokh Nath, AIB founders, Rajat Kapoor, Rohit Roy, etc it seems that the industry is on a clean up drive with new cases coming out everyday of molestation.

Vivek took to his twitter and shared his opinion which caught our eye. Vivek tweeted, "It's appalling to read the news but this is a MUST! Women shouldn't suppress their voice for decades, times have changed & one voice can give strength to many more who have faced something similar! The NATION stands by you, social media gives each of you a VOICE so END THIS VIRUS!"

Its nice to see a male actor speaking in favor of women as so far we've only been hearing the female voices! Lets hope it makes a difference!

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