Rishina Kandhari to re-enter this SAB TV show!

2018-10-11 05:04:58  Posted under topic: Television

SAB TV's show Tenali Rama is one of the most loved shows on the channel. Viewers are loving the interesting storyline and energetic performances.

We hear that Rishina Kandhari, who initially played Goddess laxmi in the series, will soon return to the show to reprise her role.

According to the reports, she will be seen in the Navratri special episodes. In the upcoming episodes Tenali (Krishna Bharadwaj) will see Goddess laxmi in his dreams and tell him that she is leaving Vijaynagar as she is upset about a lot of evil things happening around the place.

However Tenali will then assure her that he will try to change things.

After this, Goddess Laxmi will leave and Rama will try to find her.

Confirming her return to a portal, Rishina said she is excited to be back on the show and this time she will be seen in nine different avatars of Goddess during Navratri and Durga Puja festival.

It will be interesting to watch her donning the nine avatars.   


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