#BB12: Here's the person who had Sanaya Irani say 'I Love You' after watching Bigg Boss

2018-10-11 05:08:32  Posted under topic: Television

Everybody has their favorites locked in this season of Bigg Boss 12 so far. It has been almost a month now, and several contestants are finally showing up in terms of shining in the show.

And guess what? Actress Sanaya Irani has also begun watching the show, and only recently she saw someone in the show, which immediately had her saying 'I love you.'

Wondering who? Well, it wasn't a contestant on the show, but Bharti Singh. Yes! That's right. Bharti, as the fans know appeared on the show recently and being vintage Bharti has the whole house laughing and enjoying at their best.

It undoubtedly went on to become one of the most entertaining episodes so far. And as known, Sanaya and Bharti are the best of friends and the former went on to see the episode which featured Bharti and she confessed how she loves Bharti so much-

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