Checkout: Here's why this 'Beyhadh' actress is MISSING her look from pre-leap!

2017-07-16 07:11:46  Posted under topic: Television

Recently, actress Jennifer Winget aka Maya shocked one and all with her massive transformation into being BALD in Sony TV's Beyhadh.

She even posted about how the make-up and prosthetic were put to place for her bald look in the show which got everyone surprised. However, there is one person apart from Jennifer who looked completely different before the leap in the show took place.

We are talking about actress, Kavita Ghai aka Janvi. The actress has been ridden to a wheelchair in the show from a long time now and is also shown under-dressed in terms of not wearing lavish clothes and similarly extravagant jewellery.

And while her fans may miss that look of hers, the actress too misses those days and posted about the same -

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