Who will Kunal choose - The Chauhan family or Meghna?

2017-08-23 17:33:08  Posted under topic: Television

Colors' Ek Shringaar -Swabhimaan is currently keeping its viewers on their toes with constant drama. After Saawri (Gulki Joshi) fails to stop Karan (Samridh Bawa) and Naina's (Ankita Sharmaa) marriage, she squeals to Nandkishore that Kunal (Sahil Uppal) is not his and Nirmala's son, but Sandhya's.

Nandkishore reveals the truth to the entire family and also tells them that Saawri has revealed this fact to him on one condition - that she gets married to Kunal. Nandkishore asks Kunal to get married to Saawri and leave Meghna if he wants to prove that he is still a part of the Chauhan household and asks him to decide by the next morning.

Kunal makes his decision of leaving the Chauhan house, as he feels guilty for having taken over what were Karan's rights all this time. Kunal also does not wish to face Sandhya. So, refusing to marry Saawri, Kunal decides to walk out of the Chauhan house and start life afresh.

But Karan and Naina come there on time and Karan pleads Kunal to not leave him and the house. Karan pacifies Kunal that nobody can claim that Kunal is not his elder brother. The brothers share an emotional moment where Karan does not let Kunal step out of the house and tells him that his younger brother needs him.

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