Bigg Boss 11: Participants will reportedly have to earn money to get luxury items this season

2017-09-06 23:25:17  Posted under topic: Television

Bigg Boss remains the most controversial show on Indian television and with the 11th season being just around the corner, speculations about the reality show are rife. As per a report, in this season, the inmates will have to earn money inside the house to get access to the luxury items.

The previous format of the show required housemates to participate in certain tasks to acquire the items which are necessary for survival. However, according to new reports, apart from the grueling tasks, the house will now be divided into two groups — buyers and sellers. The teams will reportedly have to go the extra mile to have a decent 'luxury budget' at their disposal.

Apart from the new change, according to an ABP report, this season will see a more stringent distribution of regular ration. The participants will have a limited amount of candles in the face of frequent power-cuts.

Known for putting contestants in extremely problematic situations, the show is famous for endless altercations which often end in violent outbursts.

Salman Khan will be hosting the reality show this year as well and has been featuring in the promos, promising a fun-filled ride. Although, the channel has not confirmed the names of any participants yet, reports of a bevy of television actors like Niti Taylor, Abhishek Malik, Cezanne Khan, Achint Kaur being roped in, are making the rounds.

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