BiggBoss11: OMG! Arshi Khan to make a COMEBACK in 'Bigg Boss Season 11'

2018-01-08 20:54:09  Posted under topic: Television

Bigg Boss Season 11 is barely a few days away from airing the finale and the wait couldn't have been any longer.

And while, the much-awaited media interactions will be airing tonight, the makers of Bigg Boss have apparently made big plans for major twisters ahead.

While we recently saw ex contestant Bandgi Kalra making a re-entry in the house during the 'ghar aaye gharwale' task, now none other than Arshi Khan will be making her return in the house.

Yes! That's right. Arshi will be soon re-entering the house and has infact, already reached Lonavala where her entry is being planned as a major twist.

But, before you think if she is re-entering the competition, we will stop you right there. Arshi will be entering the house only as a guest and the exact nature of her entry is yet to be known.

What exactly have the makers planned with Arshi's explosive entry is being kept under the wraps but this surely is going to change the dynamics of the game!

Will she rattle some relationships and make the final week a lot more interesting? We cannot wait to see.

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