BiggBoss11: Shilpa Shinde mocks her own fans!

2018-01-08 21:00:06  Posted under topic: Television

Bigg Boss introduced a twist in the elimination task last week when they took the four eliminated contestants to a mall in Vashi for live voting.

But apparently the contestants who were put up in a cage had to be escorted back to the vanity van after the fans went in a frenzy & one of Shilpa's fan pulled Hina's hair giving everyone a rude shock.

Previously when Bigg Boss informed the contestants about the said task, Puneesh gave a suggestion to Shilpa to talk to her fans in Marathi & they both joked about it.
The turnout at the mall activity was three fold this year around as compared to previous years & the fans came in huge numbers to support their favorite contestant.

The overwhelmed contestants came back to the house to narrate their experiences to Puneesh & Akash who were locked in the house. In an uncut video on Voot, Shilpa is seen laughing at her fans who were busy screaming her name cheering for her, Shilpa imitated & mocked her fans & laughed it off with Puneesh.

In a time where most of the actors give their due credit to the fans who make them stars, Shilpa's comment was made in bad taste & might hurt the sentiments of her loyal fans that she has been so proudly talking about. Shilpa owes it to her fans who secured her position in the finale week with the highest votes during the mall activity with 660 votes.

Also off lately, the inmates have criticized her low participation in the tasks as Shilpa has been heard several times 'Mere fans bacha lenge'.

After the entire season, where Shilpa has emerged as one of the strongest contestant playing the sacrificing mother card, her comment on her fans might go against her when she needs it the most. Only time will tell!

Bigg Boss finale is slated to be shot this weekend!

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