BiggBoss11: Did Hina Khan refer to Shilpa Shinde as a 'Call Girl' or 'Chawl Girl'?

2018-01-11 20:39:44  Posted under topic: Television

If the on-going in-house animosity between Shilpa Shinde and Hina Khan was not enough, the respective actresses' fandoms too have been indulging in social media wars on twitter.

But amongst all of them, this war seems to have reached new heights with a video doing the rounds where Hina Khan is seen referring to Shilpa Shinde as a call girl. See the video posted by a fan page below.

Well, while Shilpa's fans have been attacking and slamming Hina on twitter, the latter's fandom has been vehemently defending Hina.

While some sections of twitter believes that Hina actually called Shilpa a 'call girl', others are claiming that the words Hina said were 'Chawl girl' and that the lip reading (and assumption) was done with a purpose to contaminate Hina's reputation.

Whether it was 'call girl' or 'chawl girl' or anything else at all, only Hina can provide some clarity to it.

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