After Neha Saxena's EXIT, this actress to play the LEAD role in 'Siddhi Vinayak'

2018-01-21 12:27:41  Posted under topic: Television

And TV's Siddhi Vinayak is going all out in order to create drama and climb the rating charts too.

As recently reported, actress Neha Saxena will be exiting the show, which is said to be for a brief period of time.

And while that happens, according to reports, actress, Farnaz Shetty who wowed one and all in Waaris will be entering the show as the new Siddhi.

Yes! That's right. The vintage plastic surgery drama is being planned to be introduced and as soon as they will show Siddhi (Neha) being burned, they will follow it up with the quintessential way of re-introducing the character with a new face (Farnaz).

However, it is also being said that after a while, they will get Neha back with the storyline of how the original Siddhi will be back this creating confusion.

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