#GirlPower: When Hina Khan took INSPIRATION from her fan

2018-03-03 08:31:49  Posted under topic: Television

Hina Khan's stint in Bigg Boss Season 11 did receive mixed reactions, but there are some who did manage to take some inspiration from her in the show, and Hina ensured that she acknowledged the same.

Taking to Twitter, one of Hina's fans told her how she took inspiration from her and how her stint in the show helped her remain strong and not lose hope.

Vaishali Narang ✨
I lost my legs wn i ws 17 yr old now im 22 but still suffering i thought my life is unfair to me but wen i saw u in BB fighting against all odds alone u gave me much strength to fight back i 9 u will nvr read my post but today i felt like telling u u r my motivation @eyehinakhan

4:19 PM - Mar 1, 2018
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To this, Hina replied:


Omg Vaishali..this means a lot 🙏and to be honest from now on u hv become my inspiration..hats off girl salute.. more power to u and a lot of strength.. #GirlPower https://twitter.com/mumasgrl_vaishu/status/969158929736351745 …

4:24 PM - Mar 1, 2018
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Well, it is such things that do make an actor feel accomplished. After all, we don't always know, but inspiration is everywhere.

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