When Ashish Sharma was said, "You have to a LONG way to go"

2018-03-04 08:54:34  Posted under topic: Television

Actor Ashish Sharma has certainly been a trendsetter on the Indian TV space, where the actor has gone through several body and look transformations for the character he portrays in a respective show.

Currently enthralling one and all with his role as Prithvi Vallabh in Sony TV's Prithvi Vallabh, Ashish has a limited set of people that he likes to be with and admires too.

Just the way, we admire and respect our teachers, the actor had a special instance recently, when he met one of his teachers from back then.

Posting about the same, the actor mentioned how he was overwhelmed by watching the sense of pride and achievement in his teacher's eyes, followed by what a teacher would say to every student, "you have a long way to go son"-

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