Sanjay Bairagi, supervising producer at Gul Khan's 4 Lions Films commits SUICIDE?

2018-03-04 09:08:13  Posted under topic: Television

Yesterday was a joyous and celebratory occasion as the world celebrated the festival of colors, Holi.

It also included everyone at Gul Khan's production house, 4 Lions Films, as they were also in the mood of happiness and played Holi. However, no one anticipated what was going to happen next.

After having fun with the team and playing Holi, supervising producer, Sanjay Bairagi returned home. Soon, it is being said that the man fell off from the 16th floor of his apartment and immediately died.

Apparently, he committed suicide, but further reports are awaited.

It did come across as a shock to everyone as the man was said to be a smiling person with a positive attitude.

In the wake of things, the production house ran an internal message stating, "Due to the untimely and extremely saddening demise of Sanjay Bairagi, we are calling off shoot on Saturday. We will hopefully resume shoot on Sunday. Peace and power for Sanjay Bairagi and his soul, and may we all have the courage to stick together in these hard times."

We hope Sanjay's soul rests in peace.

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